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John Manno (b. 1951) is a distinguished photographer renowned for his captivating still life images and innovative approach to the art of photography. Born in Brooklyn and raised in Long Island, John's journey through the bustling metropolis of New York has greatly influenced his artistic vision. After graduating from Boston University with a degree in film and photography in 1973, he honed his skills by assisting several commercial photographers in New York City before venturing out on his own in 1977.

Establishing his commercial photography business, John quickly gained recognition for his exceptional work, producing striking images for design studios, magazines, and advertising agencies. Over the span of four decades, his studio in the vibrant Flatiron District became a hub for creating iconic visuals for high-profile clients, gracing the pages of prestigious publications such as Vogue, Allure, and Vanity Fair.

Despite his success in the commercial realm, John remained dedicated to his artistic pursuits, consistently crafting photographs in his distinctive aesthetic style. His passion for still life photography shines through in his art, with his renowned series "Misbegotten Places" showcasing meticulously constructed dioramas made from other photographs. These evocative still life images transport viewers to imaginary landscapes and scenes, revealing the depth of John's creative imagination. The series has garnered widespread acclaim, being featured in numerous gallery exhibitions across the country.

Today, John continues to push the boundaries of photography from his studio in Brooklyn, where he continues to produce images that captivate and inspire audiences worldwide. His unwavering commitment to his craft and his ability to seamlessly blend commercial success with artistic innovation solidify his place as a visionary in the world of photography.

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